Pinched nerves often cause debilitating issues. Symptoms can range from shooting pain into one or both arms or legs, chronic itchiness, burning pain, or even weakness and heaviness in the affected area. If you have any of these symptoms, do not wait for it to get better. The majority of the time, without treatment, these types of problems get worse and sometimes create further problems. At Capitol Chiropractic Health Center, we specialize in treating pinched nerves and have been helping people in Springfield, Illinois feel better for over 38 years. If you have a pinched nerve, don’t delay! Call us at (217)391-5446 or contact us to schedule your appointment today.

The Healing Process for Pinched Nerves in Springfield, IL
Comprehensive Consultation and Exam In order to effectively treat pinched nerves, we need to determine which nerve is the problem and where it is pinched. You can expect a comprehensive history and consultation with your doctor. We will ask you a lot of questions regarding the history of your problem which helps us determine the underlying cause. Once we understand the cause, we will form a plan to get you better as soon as possible.

Specific Chiropractic Adjustments in Springfield, IL
In our office, specific chiropractic care is the most important thing that we do for patients suffering from pinched nerves. Regardless of where a nerve is pinched, specific chiropractic adjustments fix the misalignment issues contributing to the problem. We will work to take pressure off nerves and restore proper communication and health in your body.

Specific Exercises Designed for You
Overuse of muscles is almost always a complicating factor to pinched nerves. When there is overuse of some muscles, the muscles that do the opposite activity are underactive and need to be strengthened. During your exam, we assess muscle strength and tone to prescribe the exact exercises and stretches that you need.

Acupuncture And Electrical Stimulation
All forms of nerve irritation can be improved nicely by acupuncture and electrical stimulation. This helps to calm the nerves down when all the pressure cannot be removed from the nerve. In cases where we cannot remove all the pressure from the nerves, acupuncture and electrical stimulation can be the answer to living the live you want to again.

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Common Questions

When should I see a doctor for a pinched nerve?
Pinched nerves generally will not get better on their own, so as soon as you suspect you have a pinched nerve, you should see a doctor.

Generally, chiropractors and neurologists are the two types of doctors who specialize in the nervous system and can determine where the pinched nerve is and develop a treatment plan designed for you.

Can chiropractic in Springfield, Illinois fix radiculopathy, myelopathy, and pinched nerves?
In most cases, yes! Here at Capitol Chiropractic Health Center, we have over 70 years of clinical experience treatment pinched nerves. Most of the time, our patients see a complete resolution of symptoms.