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Call us now at (217)391-5446 to schedule your initial exam and consultation!

Our doctors perform thorough, detailed consultations and evaluations to determine the best way for you to get better quickly.  Speak with our personal patient liaison for free to discuss your issue and answer your questions.


Using state of the art technology in conjunction with traditional treatment methods, we will develop a customized pain management and healing program suited to your body's specific needs.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality chiropractic care to as many people as possible, and to help educate our patients about the benefits of chiropractic care.

We specialize in treating all types of injuries due to degeneration or traumatic impact.  We implement preventative education practices to improve your future health.

Whether you've had a sports accident that requires physical therapy, recently been experiencing pain or swelling in your joints due to repetitive motions, or simply feel like you have lost a bit of range of motion as you age, we can set up a customized treatment plan to get you back on track to living every day the way you want.

  •  Qualified: Board certified chiropractors with 55+ years total experience
  •  Effective: High quality treatments trigger rapid healing
  •  Safe: Proper procedures used to minimize future damage
  •  Trusted: Recommended by hundreds of happy patients
  •  Local: Healing Springfield area residents for 30+ years
  •  Preferred Provider: Working with insurance companies to reduce your out of pocket costs


We specialize in healing patients and relieving pain naturally without drugs or surgery.

We treat a variety of neck, back, and nerve issues (like sciatica, pinched nerves, and carpal tunnel syndrome) based on the individual needs of your body to create a customized path to recovery.

Click here for the first step to taking control of your pain and getting your life back.  Tell us about yourself and your pain so we can determine the best way to get you back to doing what you love.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Kevin A. Imhoff has helped me so much both physically and structurally. I am now pain free and feel so much better overall with my continued maintenance visits. The staff at Capitol Chiropractic is friendly and helpful. I‘m so glad my friend recommended me to them!"
    Robin K.
  • "I came to Capitol Chiropractic (Dr. Kevin) with a severe pain in my right shoulder (scale of 9 from 1-10). Dr. Kevin diagnosed the problem right away and his procedure healed me within less than 24 hours! Before coming here I thought I would be in physical therapy for the next 6 months, but luckily Dr. Kevin got me back to my normal life and my workouts within 2 appointments. Thank you very much!"
    Suren G.
  • "Dr. Oliver has been my chiropractor for many years. She always takes the time to listen to how I‘m feeling and address any specific problems I may be experiencing. She individualizes my care and I never feel like she’s taking a “One size fits all“ approach. I recommend her to anyone seeking chiropractic care."
    Robin C.
  • "I‘ve been going to Dr. Oliver for several years and what I most like about her is that she truly cares and she cares about me as a whole person, not just as a diagnosis to “fix.“ She has helped me and guided me regarding nutrition, exercise, rest, and strengthening. I admire and respect her more than I can put into words. I would recommend her to anyone who truly wants to feel better and wants a chiropractor who will guide them and help them in every way that is right for that individual person in regard to physical and nutritional needs."
    Karen Z.
  • "It has been my experience over many years at Capitol Chiropractic to receive only positive results from treatment by Dr. Oliver. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology has been evident in how she applies the best type of treatment for her patients. The staff at Capitol Chiropractic has been and continues to be friendly and professional. They are respectful and do their best to accommodate patient schedules. I would highly recommend Dr. Oliver and Capitol Chiropractic."
    -Carol K.

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